Press Release • October 19, 2021

RRD joins Lumi to offer commercial printing capabilities across North America

Los Angeles, California — Lumi, the leading US marketplace for packaging and print products, today announced that RRD, a leading global provider of marketing and business communication services, has partnered with Lumi to make its North American packaging and commercial print manufacturing capabilities available to customers on Lumi Marketplace. 

Lumi members will now be able to leverage the capabilities of over 50 RRD sites for local to national delivery and with the scale to enable companies of all sizes.

Packaging is often the first experience customers have with brands on their path to purchasing. With RRD’s wide range of services, buyers on the Lumi platform can find everything they need to make that connection using folding cartons, branded corrugated packaging, and the materials that go into the box, all from one supplier.

With over 150 years of industry leadership, RRD offers a broad portfolio of capabilities, experience and scale that enables organizations around the world to create, manage, deliver, and optimize their marketing and business communications strategies. RRD's comprehensive offering of solutions is designed to help companies optimize customer engagement and streamline business operations across the complete customer journey.

About Lumi

Lumi is a digital marketplace that gives manufacturers the ability to make their capabilities available online, directly to customers, with a streamlined interface and messaging capabilities that revolutionize procurement. Buyers in the fast-growing ecommerce industry use Lumi software to find and collaborate directly with suppliers globally.

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