Press Release • December 19, 2022

Neenah Paper joins Lumi to offer paper mailers that are water-resistant and curbside recyclable

Los Angeles, California — Lumi, the leading US marketplace for packaging and print products, today announced that Neenah Paper has partnered with Lumi to make its manufacturing capabilities available online.

Neenah Paper was founded in 1873 in Neenah, WI and is now headquartered in Atlanta, GA. They're a long-standing leader in high quality papers with a focus on sustainable practices. 

On Lumi, they're offering Expandable Paper Mailers, made with a patent pending paper that's water and puncture resistant and verified curbside recyclable by a third party. These mailers are ideal for soft goods and other non-fragile products. The paper is extra smooth with a premium feel, and it's made from 50% post-consumer waste. 

The need for water resistance is a common reason that brands opt for mailers made from plastic film, which is not recyclable in the majority of cities. With water-resistant paper, companies can get all the perks of paper — renewable material, curbside recyclability, lightweight — with an added coating for water and puncture resistance. Neenah Paper’s mailer is also FSC certified.

These mailers are stock, with customization available in the future. Currently Neenah Paper’s paper mailers are sold in 250-count cases. Printing isn’t offered, but you can add customization via stickers, labels, or custom tape. Though custom printing isn’t available, the mailers are pre-printed with certifications and a consumer reminder to recycle curbside. 

They're optimized for easy fulfillment with the opening along the wide side. They also feature a peel-and-seal closure and 2.5” gusset on the bottom for extra volume and added structure for bulkier items. Customers can easily open the mailers using the tear strip.

Jennifer Dietz, Sr. Product Manager of Sustainable Solutions said, "Our partnership is exciting as it is the next step in bringing more attention to the NEENAH ENVIRONMENT® Mailer. Sustainability is top-of-mind and today’s consumers notice details. We love that it is made with 50% post-consumer waste and curbside recyclable, and those key points are clearly printed on the mailer itself. We couldn’t be more excited about Lumi helping us spread the news!"

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