Last modified July 24th, 2017


The following policies are incorporated into the Lumi Terms of Service as published on the Lumi website (“Terms”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between each Policy and the Terms, the Terms shall control. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Policy will have the meaning given them in the Terms.

A. Manufacturing Quality Policy

Lumi works to maintain a very high standard of quality control. We provide photographs and educational materials to inform the Customer to the best of our ability. However, each printing and manufacturing process has strengths and weaknesses. We recommend that the Customer asks for samples of products that they are interested in to make sure that they are happy with the achievable quality.

Our sales and customer service teams can advise the Customer of available options and it may be the case that Customer’s desired level of detail or finish will need additional production steps to create the desired effect.

The Customer will be sent a digital proof to approve. This PDF proof should be used only to inspect and approve layout, spelling, dimensions, PMS values, and is not indicative of the print quality of the actual printed product. PDF proofs are not to be considered as color-accurate since monitors and printers can vary greatly. PMS colors will be converted to the closest process matching colors. By approving this proof, the Customer acknowledges that the Lumi has represented this job correctly and to a standard the Customer will accept. Customer is accepting that what is seen on this proof is CORRECT. If this copy is incorrect, and is approved, the Customer will be responsible for the total cost of reprinting. Proof is a binding agreement and no changes can be made after it is approved.

The following are some, but not all, examples of imperfections that may result from the manufacturing process:

i. Print registration

Registration may not be absolutely precise.

ii. Light colored inks used with flexographic printing

Light ink is not completely opaque. This becomes more noticeable as you print on darker materials (brown kraft, colored tissue).

iii. Dark colored inks used with flexographic printing

Dark ink typically is not opaque. When printing on a light or white base material this is usually not significant but for kraft or darker materials, the effect may be dark gray or similar.

iv. Print overlap

Lumi may recommend reverse printing of a design. This means that the base color will be printed leaving blank any areas of additional print. When the second/third color is printed, it will fill in the gaps to create the finished effect. Where this happens, there will be a slight overlap of ink to ensure that there are no blank spots remaining. There may be a slight color change between the two colors. This is a very narrow overlap and not immediately noticeable to the eye, but can be seen on closer inspection. This is referred to as trapping.

v. Color Matching
  • Ink matches are approximate. Minor deviations may occur between color system to proof to final product. There are multiple variables that can affect how closely a specific color can be matched in production. These include base material structure and color, absorption (how easily the ink soaks into a given material), and type of ink used (some inks have a higher opacity than others).

  • Color accuracy is also more difficult if a second color is printed on top of the first (e.g. flood coat navy blue, pink logo on top). The inks used in production are not typically opaque and therefore, any base ink color or material color can appear to blend (thus reducing the effect of the top color).

  • Products also go through a finishing process to “cure” the ink. This can have a slight effect on the final color.

vi. Variations in Base Material

The paper and plastics that used in production will have natural variation which means that the print color may look slightly different on any given material. It also means that the shade of kraft paper or plastic (LDPE) will vary. While the Seller takes steps to ensure that these are as consistent as possible, some products are more affected than others. The User is encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Seller before purchasing.

vii. Ink Inconsistencies
  • On occasion, ink may rub off of product. Small white spot can occur on occasion on flood coated products.

  • For products like polypropylene or heavyweight PVC tape, User may encounter ink picking off (especially with printing with 80-90% ink coverage) due to the nature of raw materials used to create polypropylene tape.

  • For materials that are porous, you may see an increase in ink bleed (where ink will spread from the edges of a design). This will be minimal and can be mitigated by choice of material.

viii. Tape Adhesive

Due to stronger adhesive, the base material of product may seem less transparent and foggy. It is the nature of heavyweight PVC tape.

ix. Mailer Adhesive

For poly mailer and poly bubble mailers, for maximum adhesion we recommend that you allow for an unprinted section. Placing the adhesive strip over printed areas may reduce the effectiveness and will be at your own risk.

x. Stamps

Fine details and thin lines may not show up in the final product of a rubber stamp, pre-inked stamp or embosser. Small text that cannot be seen at eye level may not turn out legible in the final product. If there are any changes that need to be made to a stamp artwork that will increase the cost after checkout, Customer will need to pay the difference. It is upon the Customer to review whether the ink we sell for our stamps will work on the surface(s) they plan to stamp. We do not recommend embossing on any paper weight above 30lbs with the embosser we sell.

xi. Over/Under Quantities

Manufacturing of custom products can be up to 10% over or under the ordered quantities due to the speed that the machinery works at. Customer will be billed for overs or refunded for unders. If more than 10% over is produced, Lumi will contact Customer for approval before shipping.

xii. Variations in Stock Products

Stock products are sourced from multiple partners in order to create the best pricing for the user without sacrificing quality. There may be minor deviations in product received versus product pictured on Site.

xiii. Backordered Items

Stock items are subject to backorder. Customer will be informed of backorders as soon as relevant and will be given the choice to wait for the item to be restocked or to cancel this portion of their order for a refund. Customer may also receive the available stock before backordered stock, but will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

xiv. Artwork Approval & Changes

Customer can make changes to design or method of shipment during the pre-production stage. Requests for changes must be emailed and Lumi will notify Customer if the changes are possible, and if there will be a change in cost and/or production time. After the point of proof approval, changes cannot be made to design or shipping method.

xv. Force Majeure

Customer agrees that Lumi is not responsible to Customer for anything that Lumi may otherwise be responsible for, if it is the result of events beyond our control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, insurrection, riots, terrorism, crime, labor shortages (including lawful and unlawful strikes), embargoes, postal disruption, communication disruption, unavailability of payment processors, failure or shortage of infrastructure, shortage of materials, or any other event beyond our control.

B. Inspection of Goods, Refunds, & Returns Policy

i. Inspection, Damaged Products, Return and Substitution

Items purchased are subject to inspection and approval at Customer’s destination. Customer has the right to reject and refuse acceptance of items which are not in full accordance with Customer’s instructions, specifications, drawings or designs, as the case may be. Notification of any possible issues must be reported within 48 hours. Lumi will evaluate based on User-approved proof. Customer cannot refuse item for any information made clear on the proof or with these Terms of Service. Items not accepted will be returned at Customer’s expense. Payment for any item shall not be deemed an acceptance thereof. All substitutions must be agreed to, in writing, prior to shipment.

Customer must contact Lumi within 48 hours to report damaged products. Customer must provide photographic proof of damage. Lumi does not guarantee that a replacement product will be available. A refund for the affected portion of shipment may be issued instead of a replacement at Lumi’s sole discretion. It is recommended that the Customer inspects product immediately upon delivery as claims made after 48 hours of receipt will not be accepted.

ii. Returns

Lumi accepts returns for stock items ONLY. Custom-made items are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN. Additionally, CUSTOMERS MUST CONTACT LUMI WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PRODUCT DELIVERY TO REQUEST A RETURN. Once the return has been processed, the customer will be issued credit towards a future Lumi purchase less return shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee after returned product is received. LUMI WILL REFUSE A PRODUCT RETURN UNLESS, IN LUMI’S SOLE JUDGMENT, THE PRODUCT IS IN NEW, UNUSED CONDITION.

iii. Refunds

Refunds will not be issued for any reason other than those expressly stated in this Terms of Service

C. Lead Times & Estimated Delivery Policy

Our lead times are calculated from normal industry operating conditions but may be extended due to factors outside of Lumi’s control. Estimated lead time is based upon 24-hour proof approval. Lumi will endeavor to provide accurate and realistic lead times at point of order but examples of factors outside of our control include, but are not limited to, the following:

i. Equipment Malfunction

This may create an error in the product that can only be rectified once said equipment is fully functional and tested. Our manufacturing equipment is run on tightly controlled schedules, so any rescheduling can create a delay of up to 10 working days.

ii. Customs Exams

Any product made outside of the USA can be subject to random customs exams at either port of departure or on arrival at US customs. These exams can vary in type and length, but typically last from 3-14 days. Lumi prepares exports to a very high standard but customs exams are decided exclusively by the relevant authority. Lumi will inform Customer of any delay as soon as all relevant information is gathered.

iii. Shortage of Raw Materials

In extreme market conditions, there may be a delay caused by low availability of necessary raw materials (plastics, corrugated, paper).

iv. Freight / Shipping Delays

Lumi uses a wide range of partners in shipping. However, there are occasionally operating delays that affect the entire industry. Examples include port congestion (an excess of ships entering and leaving port), lack of available space on vessels (when demand is high, capacity is reduced) and port closures (emergencies or industrial action), extreme weather events (continental storms, ocean storms). In addition, Lumi facilitates transportation, but does not sell it as a service. If the Customer prefers, Lumi can put them directly in contact with the transit company. Losses, damages, and delays that occur during transportation are not the responsibility of Lumi.

v. Expedited Delivery

For orders produced overseas, Customer has the option to expedite a portion of their order at an additional cost. Air freight is subject to random customs exams at port of departure or arrival. Typically, these delays are relatively short (3-5 days).

D. Storage, Shipment, & Collection of Goods Policy

i. Storing of Goods

Lumi does not provide storage unless under special circumstances. In certain special circumstances where storage is possible, Customer will be required to sign a Storage Contract before Lumi agrees to store items. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if provided storage by Lumi. If Customer does not remove items by date agreed upon in Storage Contract, Customer is responsible for all costs associated with not complying to the agreement set in the contract provided.

ii. Collection of Goods

Customer is responsible for submitting correct delivery information. If items are returned to Lumi, Customer will be notified and items will be held for 14 days by Lumi upon notification. If items are not claimed within 14 days, they are forfeited by Customer. Items not claimed within this time period become property of Lumi.

iii. Change of Delivery Address

Any change of address or specific delivery instructions must be submitted via email during the pre-production phase. A change of address may cause a change in shipping costs which Customer will be responsible for paying via invoice. If delivery instructions or address is changed after pre-production, Lumi will make a good faith effort to comply. However, Lumi will not be held responsible for problems which may arise from last minute changes or multiple instructions.

iv. Import Fees

Products ship to addresses in the United States and internationally through various carriers. Prices listed on the Site do not include tax. Lumi is not responsible for paying VAT or import fees unless specifically quoted as so. If a package is returned to Lumi as undeliverable or unclaimed, the Customer will be required to pay shipping and handling fees before the package is resent. Lumi is not responsible for providing tracking information on orders—it is the Customer’s responsibility to choose a shipping method that includes tracking information if that service is required.

E. Ownership of Goods Policy

i. Ownership of Product

Product is property of Lumi until payment terms have been completed. Lumi reserves the right to hold product ordered by Customer until payment is complete. Lumi may repossess product if Customer does not comply with payment terms. Lumi has the right to send bill to collections if Customer does not comply with payment terms.

ii. Tooling: Cutting Dies & Printing Plates

Tooling is property of Lumi unless purchased in full by Customer. Lumi does not provide storage. After one year, tooling becomes property of Lumi. If tooling is damaged in production or transport, it is not the responsibility of Lumi.

iii. Delivery & Title

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery shall be F.O.B. point of destination and the title shall pass to Customer upon acceptance at the final delivery point. Risk of damages or loss following shipment and prior to acceptance by Customer shall be the responsibility of Lumi or appointed designee.

F. Order Cancellation Policy

An order can only be cancelled in the pre-production stage for custom-manufactured products. After production begins, Customer cannot cancel their order and will not be issued a refund. Approval of proof is binding as order approval. An order for stock items can be canceled before it has shipped. Cancelled orders are subject to cancellation fees, as decided upon by Lumi.

G. Payment & Discounts Policy

i. Payment

Payment can be made by credit card or ACH. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are listed in United States dollars. If changes are made to an order, Lumi may charge the payment method on file. Lumi reserves the right to request a secondary form of payment. Additional payment terms listed on the Website and are hereby incorporated by reference.

ii. Discounts

Lumi may offer coupons or other types of discounts, which shall be subject to any specific terms announced at the time of their issue. Lumi may refuse to honor such discounts for any reason including, but not limited to, fraud, mistake on the part of our publication of information, actual or expected financial hardship, sale of all or part of our business, or for any other reason.