Pricing that scales with your needs.

From startups to public companies, Lumi helps supply chain teams manage packaging budgets starting at $100K per year.

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Understand your costs

Lumi gives you transparency on the true costs from every manufacturer in your supply chain.

Save as you scale

Lower costs as you grow, with pricing that scales based on your company's packaging usage.

Stay focused

Recover hundreds of hours spent tracking down scattered communications with vendors.

What's included in membership?

Manufacturing Network
Factory vetting and scorecards
Price transparency
Factories in every region of the US and Asia
Factories for all ecommerce packaging types
Standardized quality control
Payment terms
Specifications management
Sourcing and quoting
Purchasing workflows
Proof approval and document storage
Live production updates
Live shipment updates
Online payment processing
Supply Chain Management
Dedicated account support
Specifications import
Managed RFP
Billing consolidation
Proofing and preproduction
Production management
Freight booking and logistics
Quality issue resolution

Access expert services directly through the Lumi platform with flat rate pricing.

Packaging engineering

Custom dielines

ISTA/ASTM testing

On-site quality control

Short run prototyping

Factory auditing

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A network of partners is available to help you integrate Lumi into your supply chain.

Inventory tracking

Inventory planning

Just-in-time delivery

ERP/WMS integrations

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