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Frequently asked questions

Monthly software plans can be cancelled at any time. Your subscription will end once your active orders have been fully delivered and paid, and any open quote requests have been closed or expired.

Lumi Managed service plans are only available on an annual basis and can be canceled at the end of your contract period.

Yes, however you will need to purchase an additional Lumi Managed service plan. Service plans start at $5,400 per year. Additional management fees are charged per order at a transparent fixed rate determined by the needs of your supply chain. Contact our sales team for a service plan designed to meet your needs.

The Lumi Platform is designed to help your team directly manage your suppliers, from quote to final delivery and payment. If you have your own team of supply chain professionals, or have a relatively simple supply chain, the software is all you need.

Each supplier on Lumi has minimum order quantities that vary depending on the product and manufacturing process. You can search for products by MOQ or view a supplier's MOQ on their supplier profile, if they've provided them. For most products the minimums start between 1,000 and 10,000 units. Learn more about MOQs.

An item is a single part or component that you can purchase. It stores all the specifications and information a supplier needs to manufacture it, including dimensions, materials, printing options, and production-ready files. Items are used to request quotes and place orders. For each unique set of specifications you want to quote or purchase you will need a separate item. Learn more about items.

Currently Lumi is focused on supporting brands that are headquartered in the United States or Canada. Suppliers may apply from any country.

Yes! Your suppliers may already be on Lumi, search suppliers to find out. If your suppliers are not yet on Lumi you can suggest a supplier, or invite them to join Lumi using our supplier sign up page.

Lumi helps you find and work with suppliers that cover all the packaging, collateral and print needs of most ecommerce companies. Browse the catalog to discover more about the products, processes and materials offered by suppliers on Lumi.

With Managed Services we also offer sourcing services to help you access specialty products, and suppliers that are not yet on Lumi.

Yes! Lumi brings together the best practices, tools and data to help you make meaningful progress on sustainability. You can explore products and supplier using sustainability properties, and learn more through articles on our blog.

It is at the core of our mission to give you the tools to make more sustainable decisions for your supply chain.

Lumi offers comprehensive quality assurance and quality control tools:

  • Data-driven sourcing tools help you derisk potential quality issues in your supply chain, by helping you choose suppliers based on quality metrics and audit data.
  • Prepress capabilities vary by supplier and include color drawdowns, pre-production samples, top of production samples, digital press checks and in-person press checks.
  • Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) policies are standardized and available across products
  • Once you start placing orders, actual production data becomes available in Lumi, allowing you to report quality errors and drive continuous improvements.

Lumi helps you find packaging design services through Lumi Experts, our partnership program for agencies and freelance packaging experts. Lumi Experts know their way around the Lumi Platform and can help you create specifications, choose suppliers, or optimize your existing packaging to reduce both your costs and environmental footprint.

If you have a Lumi Managed membership, you can also access packaging engineering directly through the Projects feature.

Yes. Lumi provides a credit application that you can use to request payment terms with suppliers on Lumi.

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