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Blister Packs

Blister packs are used display products, while also protecting them from damage or tampering. They're often used in a retail environment, hanging on racks. A familiar application for blister packs is batteries. 

A blister pack is comprised of at least two parts. The front is a molded plastic (usually made from PET or PVC) that's thermoformed for a specific product. If using PET, recycled PET is a common option with suppliers. If recycling is a priority, PET is widely accepted for recycling while PVC is not. 

The backing of a Blister Pack is usually a piece of printed board with product information. The backing can also be made from plastic or foil. A "trap blister" also includes a third layer — a sheet of printed paperboard on top of the molded plastic layer, with diecut sections to keep the product visible. 

For retail environments, Blister Packs can have an added hang hole or a "foot" which enables the pack to sit upright on a shelf.

Minimum quantity
5,000 packs
28 suppliers

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