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Child Resistant Stand Up Pouches

Pouches are a common solution in the cannabis, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals industries. The zip closures on child-resistant pouches have various options for pressure-sensitive resistance measures and laminated pouches can be heat sealed for tamper evidence and freshness. These are made from plastic laminates which are more rigid than standard poly mailers.

Most material options for standup pouches are laminates which combine multiple types of plastic. These are not recyclable because once multiple types of plastic are fused together they can't be separated for recycling. If recycling is a priority, consider using the LDPE/LLDPE material option, because it's made entirely of Low Density Polyethylene so it can be recycled where plastic films are accepted.

Minimum quantity
10,000 pouches
10 suppliers
Also known as
Laminated Pouches

Certification options

ASTM D3475