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Clamshell Containers

Clamshell containers are made from a single, hinged piece of plastic which encapsulates a product from both sides. In retail, they may be thermoformed to custom fit a product so that it's protruding out from the container. Clamshells can close by simply snapping the two sides together, or they can be heat sealed for more tamper protection. 

Inside a clamshell container, a printed card is often placed behind the product. On the front side, these cards can be printed with the brand name, product name, and merchandising details. The back side may be printed with instructions, safety information, or any other fine print.

Clamshell containers are most often made from PET or PVC. If using PET, recycled PET is a common option with suppliers. If recycling is a priority, PET is widely accepted for recycling while PVC is not.

Minimum quantity
5,000 containers
27 suppliers
Also known as
Clamshell packaging

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