Corrugated Inserts

Corrugated board, custom cut to fit specific products for protection in shipping.
Minimum quantity

1,000 inserts

Corrugated inserts are custom designed to fit snugly inside your box and hold your product in place during transit to ensure it arrives safely.

Inserts can be manufactured from your pre-existing dieline or can be developed using packaging engineering services.

Average lead times

Lead times depend on the factory and shipping method. These dates assume your order was placed today, and that your artwork is ready for production.

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Production region Shipping First order delivery Reorder delivery
United StatesUS Ground freight 6 weeks
Oct 28
4 weeks
Oct 14
Asia Ocean freight 13 weeks
Dec 18
11 weeks
Dec 4
Asia Air freight 9 weeks
Nov 23
7 weeks
Nov 9