Frosted Peel and Seal Bags

Translucent, matte plastic bag with a soft feel.
Minimum quantity

10,000 bags

Peel and seal bags keep products organized and in perfect condition during fulfillment. During transit, they protect products from dust and scratches. The semi-transparent material leaves some of the product hidden until it's completely removed. Sealed with a resealable peel-and-seal flap.

Average lead times

Lead times depend on the factory and shipping method. These dates assume your order was placed today, and that your artwork is ready for production.

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Production region Shipping First order delivery Reorder delivery
United StatesUS Ground freight 6 weeks
Aug 23
5 weeks
Aug 16
Asia Ocean freight 11 weeks
Sep 25
11 weeks
Sep 21
Asia Air freight 8 weeks
Aug 31
7 weeks
Aug 27


All properties
This products meets the following sustainability properties, or can be custom manufactured to meet them.