Masking Tape

Easy-to-tear, textured, beige paper tape with low-tack adhesive.
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Masking tape is made of lightweight paper, with a low-tack adhesive. Use it for low-commitment applications, or as an alternative to stickers to seal paper. For sealing shipping boxes, go with packing tape or gummed tape instead.


Material Crepe Paper Kraft Flatback
Material Colors




165' long
4.8 Mil
Natural rubber
165' long
6.3 Mil
Synthetic rubber

Custom printing

Printing Process Flexography
A direct printing process that uses a cylinder-mounted, flexible relief printing plate, similar to a letterpress, to transfer the inked image directly onto the printing surface.
Color Options

Pantone Uncoated

Minimum quantity 36 rolls

Dielines for standard sizes

Dielines are templates you can edit with Adobe Illustrator to create advanced packaging designs.
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