Masking Tape

Easy-to-tear, textured, beige paper tape with low-tack adhesive.
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Masking tape is made of lightweight paper, with a low-tack adhesive. Use it for resealable applications, or as an alternative to stickers. For sealing shipping boxes, go with packing tape or gummed tape instead.

Printing options

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An economical option, ideal for printing high volumes on porous surfaces like corrugated and paper. Flexo can also be used on non-porous surfaces like film and rigid plastic.

Sustainability properties

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Alternative inks

Uses vegetable or soy oil as a base, rather than petroleum.


Does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.


Made from materials that can regenerate on a human time scale and be responsibly managed.

Curbside recyclable

Can be recycled by at least 50% of the US population through curbside programs.

Dielines for standard sizes

Dielines are templates you can edit with Adobe Illustrator to create advanced packaging designs.
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