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Plastic Squeeze Tubes

In the beauty industry, plastic squeeze tubes are often used to package creams, gels, hair dyes or toothpaste. Outside the beauty industry, they can be used to package various squeezable products, from paint to tomato paste. Custom colors and printing are available.

Typically, plastic squeeze tubes are typically made from various layers of plastic, including PE (polyethylene). Plastics are layered to reduce the likelihood of oxygenation in the product. Layering multiple densities of plastic, will usually render the plastic tube unrecyclable. If recycling is a high priority and oxygenation is not a high risk issue for your product, consider asking your supplier about options for tubes made from mono materials.

Most often, plastic squeeze tubes are topped with a snap-top style Dispensing Cap made from PP (polypropelyene).

Minimum quantity
5,000 tubes
21 suppliers