Slotted Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated box with four flaps on top and bottom.
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Overview Specs Printing

These widely recognized corrugated boxes are faster to assemble than most mailer style boxes. Slotted containers require tape, glue, or staples to close. This style of corrugated box is the most economical, as the simple design leads to little waste in production.


Material Corrugated Board
Multi-layered cardboard made of a wavy, corrugated sheet glued between sheets of paper.
Material Colors

Natural Kraft

Mottled White

Bleached White

Kemi White

Board Strength
Edge Crush Test, Mullen Burst Test

Custom printing

Printing Processes Flexography
A direct printing process that uses a cylinder-mounted, flexible relief printing plate, similar to a letterpress, to transfer the inked image directly onto the printing surface.
A printing process that uses a flat plane to transfer the image, with chemicals on negative parts of the image to repel ink.
Color Options

Pantone Uncoated



Minimum quantity 1,000 boxes 5,000 boxes