Tyvek Mailers

Durable plastic mailer envelope with a paper feel.
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Overview Materials Printing Sustainability
Though it feels like paper, Tyvek® material is made of plastic fibers. It is very light—about half the weight of a kraft paper—so it doesn't add much to shipping weight. Sealed with a peel-and-seal flap.

Material options

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HDPE fibers flashspun into a lightweight but strong material. Water resistant and rip proof.

Printing options

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Ideal for fine detail, gradients, and bright colors. This process can be used to print on a variety flexible surfaces like paper, plastic, and metal.

Sustainability properties

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Alternative inks

Uses vegetable or soy oil as a base, rather than petroleum.

Volume reduction

Reduces the amount of space necessary for transit and storage.

Weight reduction

Reduces overall weight in transit.

Drop-off recyclable

Can be recycled when deposited at a designated facility.