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Local production

Can be produced within 250 miles of delivery to reduce energy use and freight emissions in transit.


Transit has a huge environmental impact on material production. A material's journey en route from production to warehouse has a significant impact, so when the journey can be shortened with local production, carbon emissions have a smaller footprint.



Factories and manufacturing options that reduce environmental impact and are responsibly managed.

Why choose it

Many common materials have widespread manufacturing options and therefore, opportunities for local production. With the option of local production, your packaging supply chain has a smaller environmental impact, and you can potentially save money on shipping and shave days off your shipping time.

Why not choose it

Companies might not opt for local production if the local option doesn't meet the quality that there are other production limitations.

Another reason a company might not opt for local production is if they're sourcing a newer material with less local manufacturing options. Some more innovative sustainable materials are not widely available yet because there’s not enough demand. Even if these materials can’t be sourced locally, they can be a more sustainable option and smart investment that could lead more local manufacturing availability.