To join Lumi, your company must meet these four requirements:

1. Your company has an ecommerce store

Our software and services are only designed for ecommerce brands for now.

2. Your company will ship at least 20,000 orders over the next 12 months

Our minimums are based on our manufacturing processes which typically require an upfront investment in tooling such as cutting dies, printing plates and molds. For that reason, they are best suited to companies with larger volume production.

3. Your company has a location that accepts freight deliveries such as a warehouse, 3PL, contract manufacturer or distribution center

Your products will be delivered on pallets and require special equipment such as a forklift or pallet jack to unload.

4. Your company is headquartered in the United States

While we work with factories around the world, your company must have a legal entity and bank account in the United States.