Packaging Engineering

Take your ideas from concept to reality.

Whether you’re shipping fragile items, complex products, or want to elevate your unboxing experience, Lumi can help you engineer, prototype, and test production-ready solutions.

Maude Corrugated Mailer Boxes, Corrugated Inserts

Allow combinations of SKUs with modular inserts

Tippsy Sake Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Secure glass bottles with protective inserts

Blueland Corrugated Mailer Boxes, Corrugated Inserts

Hold items in place during transit

Collaborate online to develop new concepts. 

Our dedicated team of packaging engineers is here for you, through our collaborative platform.

Lumi cuts weeks off your launch timeline by helping you make prototypes on demand and take them straight into sourcing and production when you're ready.

Create cost-effective, sustainable packaging.

Whether it's a single insert or a full system of components, Lumi affords you the flexibility to access engineering expertise whenever you need it directly through the platform.

Our engineering team specializes in developing solutions that reduce costs and environmental footprint.

Lumi can engineer custom packaging structures to meet the requirements of your product.

Designs are immediately manufacturable across thousands of factories in the Lumi marketplace.

Empathy Wines used Lumi to manage end-to-end execution of a complete system.

Every component of Empathy's packaging and print collateral system was engineered, sourced, produced, and delivered through the Lumi platform, ready for launch. 

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To start your company will need a Lumi Membership. Membership costs start at $95/mo.

Lumi's in-house packaging engineering services are available at $200/hr with a 5 hour minimum. See our rate sheet.

You can also explore Lumi Experts to get quotes from other packaging agencies and freelancers.

The process can take anywhere from a single day to multiple weeks or months depending on the complexity of your project.

Yes! In fact, that’s one of our specialties. Our packaging engineers are experts in minimizing the amount of packaging required to protect your products, helping you save money and make progress on your sustainability goals.

Yes! If you have existing dielines that you would like to have manufactured through Lumi, these can typically be brought into Lumi for free. If you request any modifications, the changes will be billed at the standard rates.

Yes, 3D prints can be used to create structural packaging designs. This assumes that your 3D printed prototypes accurately represent the final dimensions of the product. Note that testing packaging designs with 3D-printed prototypes can be difficult since they do not accurately represent the materials and weight of your finished product, which will influence the test results.

No, however Lumi does offer ISTA and ASTM package testing as a service. Depending on the details of your project, our packaging experts may recommend testing, particularly for fragile products, or if you are aiming to find the minimum viable specs required for your packaging.