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Unboxing Backdrop

· March 28, 2019

Boasting a curated color selection and high-quality supplies, Backdrop is a new direct-to-consumer paint company reinventing the way you shop for paint for your home. On this episode, we're taking a look at their complete click-and-ship painting kit experience. This box is the works! See how they took an industrial product and are making it accessible in a modern way. 

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

The Sample Experience: 

  • Branding! We get a jolt of their brand values from the beginning
  • Custom reinforced gummed tape
  • Rigid Kraft mailer with a tear strip
  • Printed carton folder that holds the 12x12 adhesive color samples
  • Flat cards spotlight content and information

The Paint Can Delivery Experience:

  • Handles on the regular slotted container, or RSC, box
  • Exterior is Kraft and interior is a bright white Kraft
  • The white Kraft gives an overall clean finish
  • Collateral publication is colorful, informative, and instructional
  • Printed corrugated tray with thumbhole (custom dieline alert!)
  • Layers of paper void fill adds cushion and absorbs any shock. It's all recyclable.
  • Paper belly band wraps around their paint supplies. It adds customization and keeps the unboxing tidy.
  • Kraft trays cradle the paint cans and Kraft inserts add more protection
  • Custom sticker label — it's a small detail that adds flexibility

Want to learn how Backdrop is moving the hardware store paint chip model forward? Hear our interview with founders, Natalie and Caleb Ebel.

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