Shipping Things

Unboxing Brooklinen

· June 21, 2019

Brooklinen is making all things for your sleeping world. Luxury bed sheets, pillows, comforters, & blankets in really great fabrics like percale sateen and linen. On this episode, we unbox how they're bringing a textile feel to a box.

Here's what we love about their packaging:

  • Two-color flexographic print in a pinstripe pattern that's reversed out
  • Roll-end tuck front box
  • Label love! The shipping label is perfectly aligned to the stripes
  • A lil' overlap (trapping) on the design. You need a loupe to see it, but it’s just worth preparing for.
  • Branded tote — swag!
  • Sheets wrapped in a printed Kraft belly band and then in plastic
  • This belly band is doing some heavy lifting 💪Has product information, care instructions, and it's achieving a lot in one simple collateral piece
  • Return label
  • Easy to recycle

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