Shipping Things

Unboxing Clean Cult

· May 28, 2020

Unboxing Things is back, and we're unboxing from home, starting with Clean Cult.

Clean Cult ships natural cleaners in refillable packaging. With your first order, your cleaners come in sturdy, reusable containers. Every order after that comes in paper, recyclable cartons that you can use to refill your containers.

Here's what we love about their unboxing:

  • Bright blue printing with fun copy that leaves a bold impression. 
  • Making the most of void fill with fun messaging and smart inserts.
  • Modular insert to fit different items. 
  • Bubble motif that moves from the custom gummed tape, through to the corrugated padding inside the box. 
  • Bright, friendly reminder to recycle!

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