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Unboxing Empathy Wines

· April 18, 2019

Empathy Wines is shipping high-quality wines for accessible prices on subscription. The direct-to-consumer brand is co-founded by entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk.

On this episode, Jesse is popping open their box of wines. From cork to collateral, see how Empathy Wines designed a beautiful box sturdy enough to ship rosé for a sharable unboxing experience.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • Emotive branding
  • Kraft mailer style box with a fall out front panel and an added finger hole
  • The height of the box fits a thermal label perfectly
  • Hues of rose and peach printed on the white Kraft interior
  • Kiss cut sticker sheets and collateral flat cards are tucked in a branded envelope
  • Flat cards share information on the farmers and Empathy origin story — key for folding customers in a brand
  • Surprise Empathy heart logo printed on the bottom
  • The box is 275 pound B-Flute which is stronger than the standard 200 pound paper. In a Mullen test, it's more puncture resistant, and you're going to get more strength to hold the wine.
  • The corrugated tray is also stronger than your standard grade box strength to support and separate the wine. 
  • Motivational quotes are printed on the corks. So cute!

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