Shipping Things

Unboxing Esalon

· May 16, 2019

No mail is safe here at Lumi HQ, when we see a great packaging from an ecommerce brand, you bet we're popping it into a new episode! Esalon formulates custom hair color made just for you and your hair color, texture, length delivered straight to your doorstep. On this episode, we dive into how they're presenting a guided and cohesive experience through their kit.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • Outer Packaging is a white corrugated roll-end tuck front box with two-color printing
  • Two clear circle wafer labels to close so it doesn't interfere with the overall experience
  • The shipping label on the bottom
  • Beautiful two-color interior print
  • E-flute
  • Poem inside
  • Sticker for instructions
  • So many elements are custom printed for the user
  • The pamphlet is instructional and customized for the user
  • Two custom plastic inserts with adhesive so they don't shift around
  • Two folding cartons, one with custom perforation and soft-touch printing on the outside
  • Two bottle types, custom labels

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