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Unboxing Freshly

Jesse Genet · June 27, 2019

Freshly delivers healthy, heat-and-eat, pre-portioned meals to your door. On this episode, we unbox how Freshly is taking a complex problem and simplifying it down in an easy and digestible way.

Want to hear Freshly's secret to making fresh foods that travel well? Listen to our Well Made interview with co-founders, Michael Wystrach and Carter Comstock.

Let's see what they're cooking:

  • One-color flexo print on a Kraft RSC box
  • The green panels give an impression of a flood coat
  • Beautifully printed and produced correctly. Looks like a frame and gives them some wiggle room if the box shifts during manufacturing.
  • Humor on the box always gets us 😄
  • Cute copy and CTAs all sides — on the bottom too!
  • Denim insulation
  • The ice pack is wrapped in a custom poly bag
  • Freshly is doing a good job of telling their customers how to recycle their packaging materials
  • Folding carton sleeve is custom printed and sealed with a nutrition label
  • They are giving themselves operational flexibility by printing the nutritional facts on a roll label. The sleeve lies flat in transit.

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