Shipping Things

Unboxing Glossier

· October 11, 2018

Glossier has inspired an online cult following of makeup and skincare fans. The direct-to-consumer brand sells everyday cosmetics and beauty products.

On the latest episode of Unboxing Things, Jesse looks at the iconic elements of their brand packaging that's inspired millions of followers.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging: 

  • Pink lithographic printed interior
  • Iconic pink bubble zip top pouch
  • Diecut stickers and sticker sheets as swag
  • Consistent branding on the interior
  • Carton paperboard boxes with UV gloss for product packaging
  • Metalized plastic pouch that's sealed for sanitary
  • Reusable rigid box for special kits
  • Collateral card with sample as a marketing investment

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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