Shipping Things

Unboxing Imperfect Produce

· July 18, 2019

Imperfect Produce delivers imperfect and surplus produce — that might otherwise go to waste! — to your doorstep. First, it’s worth noting that this box of produce isn't shipped through the mail. Imperfect has their own folks who come by with a chilly truck and drop off your produce. On this episode, see how Imperfect uses creative packaging details fit for their self-shipped model.

Here's what we love about their packaging

  • Two-color auto bottom RSC style box with locking flaps on top
  • Information is printed on the top — informative and not wasting more material
  • A custom label that also acts as your order form.
  • Holes for produce
  • Brand copy on the bottom that encourages reuse and gives you big ups!
  • Packaging inside is the bare minimum: Rubber bands, occasional plastic pouches and clamshell containers only for items that need it, and single face corrugated for wrapping glass bottles and jars
  • Self-shipped, Imperfect is vertically integrated from a transit perspective.

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