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Unboxing Myro

· March 14, 2019

Myro is a new natural deodorant company. What's special about their product is their refillable case and recyclable deodorant pods. On this episode, we're taking a look at their core shipping and refill pack box — they're vibrant, clever in their approach, and like their deodorant, adaptable.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • Mint green color
  • Litho-laminated exterior print has a high print fidelity and a glossy and soft touch feel
  • Micro-flute
  • Clever brand messaging and social handles are printed on box
  • Custom carton box insert is also a litho-laminated material.
  • Illustration adds playful and inviting
  • The full-color flat card is informative and inspirational. Plus, it adds flexibility to their packaging suite as it can easily be switched out seasonally 
  • Pin swag!
  • Kraft interior isn't printed saves on costs
  • The refill pack box has the same cohesive branding
  • Refill box is smaller for shipping efficiency
  • Sticker on the interior instead of printing — saving money and adds flexibility
  • Product carton is customized
  • Deodorant has a sticker with scent

Want to learn more about the product design of the Myro refillable case? Hear our interview with industrial design office, Visibility.

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