Shipping Things

Unboxing Reformation

· April 23, 2019

Reformation is a women's apparel brand focusing on sustainability from the supply chain all the way through the customer. On this episode, dig into Reformation's approach to shipping sustainably.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • One color, flexographic printed Kraft mailer
  • In lieu of a plastic polybag, they're using a white Kraft inner bag
  • Collateral card with fun communication about sustainability
  • Paper hang tags
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Compact, slim profile — important when considering transit emissions
  • Their Ref scale tracks the impact their clothes have on the environment, compared to most clothes sold in the U.S. They share this information on every product page of their website and tell you exactly what impact each garment has on the environment. This way you get to see the total cost of fashion so you can make empowered choices.

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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