Shipping Things

Unboxing thredUP

· August 1, 2019

There's something about receiving a thredUP package that's celebratory. thredUP is an online thrift store where you can buy secondhand clothes at a discount. This episode features a twofer! First, we dissect the cleanup kit that guides customers on how to send in secondhand clothing, then we're diving into the gift-like experience of receiving a thredUP package

Here are some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • Clean up kit envelope includes a beautiful instructional brochure and a poly mailer
  • The poly mailer is gigantic and really sturdy! It's two-color printed with brand messaging.
  • There's a prepaid shipping label on the cleanup bag — they thought about the whole reverse logistics component!
  • Kraft mailer flexo printed with two spot color
  • Polka dot design on the tissue is in thredUP teal color
  • Cohesive color story!
  • Gift-like wrapping on the clothing
  • Sealed with a Kraft sticker that has a social CTA
  • Collateral packing slip emphasizes your participation in their community
  • Swag! Enamel pin that reinforces their brand message of #secondhandfirst

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