Shipping Things

Unboxing Yes Plz

· May 9, 2019

Yes Plz is a weekly coffee subscription, based in Los Angeles. But it’s not just coffee — it comes with a whole new magazine every week! On this episode, Jesse unboxes how Yes Plz designed a well-considered efficient shipping box that doesn’t skimp on creativity that’s as unique as their coffee blends.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • One-piece folder, or literature mailer, box
  • Two-color printing on Kraft.
  • The full-bleed pattern is printed strategically on the box
  • Custom shipping label that doubles as box seal (no tape!)
  • “Beans” copy on the label 
  • Just a tab to close
  • Using every surface for branding
  • Compact! No wasted space here.
  • Newspaper magazine, new with each shipment
  • The zine is made of recyclable material and is an artful and informational piece of content.
  • Sticker label on The Mix

Innovative brands use Lumi to manage scalable and sustainable packaging.

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