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Everything you need to know about packaging, selling and shipping products online. Hosted by Lumi co-founder Jesse Genet. New bite-sized episodes every week.
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Ecommerce Shipping with USPS

On this episode, CEO and founder of Shippo, Laura Behrens Wu walks you through the latest changes to USPS and how to make the most of it for ecommerce.

12 days ago

International Shipping 101

International shipping is a big deal! It can seem daunting until you understand how it works. We brought in a shipping genius — Laura Behrens Wu, CEO and founder of Shippo to help us out.

12 days ago

Unboxing FabFitFun

See how FabFitFun considered every single detail of their packaging — from tissue paper to stickers — for a viral unboxing experience.​

15 days ago

Four Options for a Glossy Box

To make a box glossy, you have a few options and we're showing you four of them today.

22 days ago

What is Rotogravure Printing?

It's a type of printing process.

29 days ago

What is Reverse Logistics?

It's the process of coordinating returns.

29 days ago

Unboxing Brandless

On this episode of Unboxing Things, Jesse unboxes how Brandless is using consistent graphical elements to create an intentional experience that emphasizes the value you get from their products.

1 month ago

Unboxing Winc

On this episode of Unboxing Things, Jesse unboxes how Winc is using structural design details to create a reliable shipping experience, and is using well executed branding that's as classy as their wine.

1 month ago

Going on a Last Mile Delivery with Bolt

Last mile delivery is a package's final journey to a customer's doorstep. To get the ins and outs of last mile delivery, we go on a Lumi field trip to visit our friends at Bolt to see how they're using software to optimize a freight shipment for the last mile.

1 month ago

What are Dust Flaps?

Dust flaps add a protective barrier to the little openings when you close the lid of a box. They can be on the sides of a lid or even at the base of a box.

2 months ago

What are Cherry Locks?

Cherry locks are the side tabs used to tuck in the lid on roll end front tuck boxes. These tabs easily secure a box in place and gives it structure.

2 months ago

Outsourcing Shipping for Ecommerce

Learn how pickups, shipping from a warehouse, using a 3PL, and dropshipping can affect how much you spend on time, postage, storage, and your quality control.

2 months ago