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Unboxing Dirty Lemon

Jesse Genet · September 13, 2018

Dirty Lemon is an ecommerce health drink company. Their originally drink was a lemon charcoal beverage and now their line has expanded to include other ingredients with their lemon base — things like ginseng, matcha, and CBD.

On a new episode of Unboxing Things, Jesse unboxes how Dirty Lemon is going for bold and contrasted packaging to match their modern drink.

Here are just some of the things we love about their packaging:

  • Litho-label black box
  • Regular slotted container style box is more economical
  • Instructions are clear and bold
  • A flute
  • Insulated line made of a metalized film which keeps the cold in.
  • Cold packs with dry ice
  • Matching litho-label tray. Inside is flexographic printing.
  • Shrink wrapped

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