Over 260 factories in the United States have reported status updates to Lumi this week. 

US manufacturing

The closed manufacturers that were previously reported have reopened and the entire Lumi network is up and running. Though all factories are running at full capacity, you can still expect delays of up to two weeks due to increased demand. 

China manufacturing

Production has fully recovered from initial COVID-19 shut downs. All factories surveyed are back at full capacity. Expect production delays of up to one week due to increased demand. 


Ocean freight rates remain unchanged and vessel availability remains limited due to scheduled cancellations. Vessel cancellations have been scheduled through June. Plan for 1-2 week delays until then.

Air cargo rates remain high due to the decrease in passenger jet capacity and increase in demand for urgent supplies. Rates are 3-4 times normal levels for this time of year and will likely continue to increase.