Lunar New Year 2022

All factories in China will close between 31 January and 6 February for the Spring Festival (commonly known as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year). Typically effects of the shutdown will be seen from mid-January as many people extend their holidays.

Ports will also close briefly so you should plan for your packaging to leave by the third week of January to be certain that they will be in transit before the holiday. Speak to your suppliers or freight forwarder about air freight if you have an urgent shipment, although costs usually rise dramatically at this time of year.

Different industries often stagger the closures so you should communicate with any active suppliers about their specific dates. Although the official holiday lasts for one week, some factories can be closed for up to 4 weeks.

Plan ahead

We recommend ordering earlier and higher quantities than usual for this time period. You can also combine air and sea freight to make sure you hit your timelines. Alternatively, the marketplace has a great selection of US suppliers who can quote for you.

Post-CNY Delays

When factories reopen, they often have a production backlog and minimal workforce. This means that delays are likely after CNY, so it is best to get full transparency from your suppliers before you place any new orders. This is exacerbated by potential supply chain issues as materials suppliers may be closed for longer.


  • Factory closures: mid-January to mid-February 
  • Potential delays: mid-February to mid-March
  • Return to full capacity: mid-March onwards