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One Piece Folder (OPF)

A box that wraps around a product.
Flaps wrap around

Designed to the dimensions of the product.

Why use a one piece folder?

Best for shipping flat products that don't need much padding, such as books or records. Add aircells for more padding on the sides.

Examples of items using this style

Design details


Center joint base

A plus sign-shaped base, with panels that fold up and around the product.

Dust flaps

Flaps that block dust from entering a box.

Tear strip

A perforated strip that can be pulled to help with easy opening.

Adhesive strip

A strip of double-sided tape used to seal a package in fulfillment or for return shipping.


FEFCO 0401
FEFCO 0402
ArtiosCAD 36010W
Center joint without dust flaps
ArtiosCAD 36020W
Center joint with dust flaps
ArtiosCAD 36025W
Center joint with dust and cover flaps
AlphaCorr C001