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Roll End Tuck Top (RETT)

A tray-style box with a lid that tucks into the top.
Dust flaps

Keep dust from entering the box, and add padding along the sides.

Tuck top

Tucks in behind the front panel when closed.

Roll ends

The sides of the box have a second layer of material folded over for extra strength.

Why use a roll end tuck top?

There is no glue or tape required to assemble an RETT, just a strip of tape or a label keep the lid closed in shipping. Dust flaps protect from debris, and the roll over sides add stacking strength and padding. Add a thumb notch to help customers open this box with ease. 

Slightly faster to assemble than the Roll End Tuck Front (RETF) style, because it has no cherry locks and is sealed along the top edge rather than the bottom edge.

Design details


Tuck top lid

A hinged lid that closes on the top of a box, with or without dust flaps.

Roll end base

Side panels roll over to assemble the base and create a three-layer, strong-walled structure.

Dust flaps

Flaps that block dust from entering a box.

Lift tab

A tab cut on the corner of a box lid that helps with easy opening.

Catalog lock

A tab that inserts into a slit to hold a box closed.

Thumb notch

A notch cut out of a panel that helps with easy access or opening.

Tear strip

A perforated strip that can be pulled to help with easy opening.

Adhesive strip

A strip of double-sided tape used to seal a package in fulfillment or for return shipping.


FEFCO 0421
FEFCO 0429
ArtiosCAD 281.02
Walker lock 2/tri-seal lid
ArtiosCAD 32010W
2 side rollover with tuck
ArtiosCAD 32015W
2 side rollover with cover flaps
AlphaCorr B008
RETT with 1 tab and dust flaps
AlphaCorr B009
RETT with 1 Tab
AlphaCorr B010
RETT with 2 tabs and dust flaps
AlphaCorr B012
RETT with 2 tabs
AlphaCorr B014
RETT with 1 tab and dust flaps
AlphaCorr B015
RETT with 1 tab
AlphaCorr B018
RETT with 2 tabs and dust flaps