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Biolo is a subsidiary of Columbia Packaging Group, focused on the manufacturing and sale of our PHA biodegradable products. Biolo is an industry leader in flexographic printing and conversion, providing high-quality bag, pouch, and roll stock products. Our company has experience in numerous end-markets including towel & tissue, bakery, produce, food service, industrial, retail, and others. Biolo prides itself on quick lead times and high levels of customer service. Strategically located on the West Coast in the Los Angeles basin, servicing customers in 11 states in the Western Region and across the country. Biolo has 4 flexographic printing presses and 16 bag conversion machines. We also have 2 PHA straw machines, manufacturing marine and soil biodegradable straws. Biolo is continually innovating with biopolymers and biodegradable & compostable bag, film, and food service products. The facility utilizes Regenerative Thermal Oxidation to capture VOCs in its printing operations. In our PHA straw operations, we recycle all water, and manufacture biodegradable and compostable PHA straws. Read more
40,000 sq. ft.

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About Biolo

Columbia Packaging Group is an innovative manufacturer of flexible packaging, specializing in bags, film, and rollstock made from bioplastic (PHA) and traditional plastic. We also offer food service products like marine biodegradable straws. Columbia Packaging Group has 4 manufacturing locations in the USA – Missouri, Ohio, and California. We have been pioneering the effort to replace single-use plastics with PHA, our preferred bioplastic that is 100% home & industrial compostable, as well as marine and soil biodegradable.




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