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Unboxing Cuup

· February 4, 2021

Somewhere between a box and a mailer, the form factor of this bra brand’s packaging is unlike any we've unboxed before. It’s all about perfect fit. Cuup ships comfortable bras made with breathable fabrics. Here’s what we love about their unboxing: 

  • Form factor: The interesting form factor has a compact silhouette similar to a mailer, with the stand-up rigidity of a box. The tab lock bottom makes it easy to assemble. 
  • Peace of mind: Bra fitting can take some tweaks to get right. From the step-by-step fitting guide in the pamphlet to the symbol of easy returns — an adhesive strip — the packaging is doing the reassuring work of providing great customer service to ensure perfect fit. 
  • Transparent: With Lumi ID, this package tells a story about where it came from, what it’s made of, and how customers can best recycle it.

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