Factory scorecards

Meet the new factory scorecards on Lumi! Three key features are now available when you receive quotes:

  • Factory Highlights gives you personalized insights about the strengths of each factory
  • Best Match identifies the best fit for your needs
  • Performance Metrics provide insight into the factory's quality standards and on-time delivery

Our goal with these new features wast to give you more insight into each factory, so you can make informed decisions when you source packaging on Lumi. Read more on our blog.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Quotes can now be exported to CSV
  • Manufacturer feedback has been improved
  • Added Google Analytics support for Lumi ID so you can track visits to your QR code pages
  • Added billing contact settings so you can automatically forward invoices
  • Invalid payment methods no longer are available when making payments
  • Fixed a bug where production update emails displayed the wrong estimated delivery date
  • Fixed a bug that allowed messages in a Project to be repeatedly sent while loading
  • Fixed a scrolling issue with the Quotes list on touch screen devices