This release includes big improvements to the quoting workflow for brands and suppliers on the new Lumi Platform. We've also added new capabilities for managing and tracking orders.

Improvements for brands

  • Added instant suggestions that help you improve the response rate on quote requests
  • Added a summary of specs to items on quote requests
  • Added a separate area for uploading production-ready documents to items
  • Simplified the interface for tracking order updates, focused on estimated completion and delivery dates
  • You can now view and download shipment documents including packing lists, BOLs, and proofs of delivery
  • Added estimated and actual delivery date tracking to shipments
  • Improved error warnings in various parts of the application
Quote request enhancements

Improvements for suppliers

  • Added quote request filters for annual volume, request date, and expiration date
  • You can now submit quotes for expired requests if you began a draft before the request expired
  • You can now log estimated completion dates and estimated delivery dates on orders
  • New shipment creation workflow, including uploading packing lists, BOLs, proof of delivery, and adding estimated delivery dates
  • Billing for actual shipping costs when a shipment is closed
Marketplace enhancements