Start creating packaging for free

We're making it easier to start using Lumi! You can now create an account on Lumi for free to set up your packaging specs and suppliers.

This makes it easier for you and your team to work through the initial design phase. Once you're ready to request quotes, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Purchase orders and analytics also require a subscription.

For packaging agencies, this means you can now deliver designs, specifications, dielines and supplier recommendations to your clients on Lumi at no cost.

Multi-account switching

Lumi now supports easily switching between company accounts. For Experts, this means you can now easily help multiple clients that use Lumi.

If your company has several independent teams (e.g. Operations and Marketing), or subsidiaries each using a separate Lumi account, you can now easily switch between them.

    Fixes and improvements for brands

    • Fixed a bug preventing reorders of quotes
    • Fixed mismatch in quote count between dashboard and item page
    • Fixed bug causing closed orders to appear on the dashboard

    Fixes and improvements for suppliers

    • Added the ability to link a Payoneer account in the case where Stripe Connect is not supported in your region
    • Linked quote details on the order page
    • Fixed a bug preventing the acceptance of reorders
    • Various email bug fixes and improvements