The new version of Lumi for Suppliers is now available and includes significant improvements for payments, user management and fulfillments. Let's dive in!

Faster payments

Settlement times for invoice payments have been significantly reduced. You can expect to receive bank transfers between 4 to 8 weekdays faster than before.

User management improvements

We've made it easier to add and remove users on your Lumi Supplier account. Go to Settings > Users to see the new view, or read our guide on inviting users.

Cancel fulfillments

You can now cancel fulfillments as long as the customer has not submitted payment on the associated invoice. This can be useful if you have accidentally submitted incorrect information, or a last minute change has been requested.

    Custom invoices (preview)

    We are beginning to open new custom invoicing capabilities for payments that fall outside of the standard order flow. This type of invoice can be useful when you need to charge a customer for samples, expedited delivery, or other products and services that a customer may have requested outside of the standard quoting process.

    If you would like to use the new custom invoices, please reach out to us!