Metallic mailers are now available from manufacturers on Lumi. Printed or unprinted, these reflective shippers really shine.

  • Metallic Mailers: Metallic mailers are lightweight, just like poly mailers, but with a bit more rigidity, giving them a slight crinkly feel as they bend. These mailers are made from a metallized film — a plastic film coated in metal. The mirror-like finish stands out from standard poly mailers, even without printing.
  • Metallic Bubble Mailers: Shiny mailers with the built-in protection of bubble wrap. The metallized film is fused with bubble wrap, making the material more rigid and the silhouette of the bubbles visible from the exterior.

Expandable Poly Mailers are also available. These add extra dimension to standard poly mailers with the addition of a bottom gusset or side gussets to add depth for bulkier products and soft goods.