A new product collection to start sourcing on Lumi: Bottles and Jars.

Most of the bottles and jars currently available in the catalog are made from glass. When it comes to sustainability, glass has a lot to offer. It's endlessly recyclable and easily reusable — especially with refill systems. Glass can be clear, or opaque for light-sensitive products. To customize glass containers, you can use direct printing, or opt for printed labels. Get to know the new collection:

  • Glass Bottles: Clear with a narrow neck, best for holding liquids.
  • Glass Jars: Clear with a wide neck for easily filling with liquids or solids.
  • Glass Vials: Tubes with round or flat bases.
  • Metal Tins: They're not made of glass, but metal tins are also new to the catalog. Like glass, metal is endlessly recyclable and easily reused.

To top your glass containers, choose from various caps and pumps: