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Reply to messages via email

Whether you're a buyer or supplier, now you can reply to messages directly from your email inbox 🎉

When you receive an email notification about a message in Lumi, now you can reply directly to that email notification. Your reply will be sent to collaborators on that quote or order, and will also be visible in Lumi.

Email responses work with attachments too! This makes it easier than ever to keep conversations moving while you're on the go, from your phone or any other device that you use for email.

Each notification also includes a link back to the conversation in Lumi, so you can quickly access all the documents and history.

As your team grows and changes, Lumi remains your source of truth across manufacturing projects. All messages — whether they're sent via email or in the platform — are available in Lumi, not siloed in inboxes.

Small fixes and updates for customers

  • Retracting an order submission: After an order is submitted, but before it’s accepted or rejected, you can retract the submission by clicking Retract on the submitted order page. Retracting the order will move it back into a Draft status, making it editable. The order will not be reviewed until it is resubmitted.
  • Preventing zero quantity on split shipments: Placing big packaging orders can be stressful. To prevent oversight, you will receive an error if they enter “0” as a quantity for part of a split shipment.
  • Marking orders delivered: Now, buyers have the ability to mark orders as delivered, which will close out the order. Here's how to mark orders delivered.

Small fixes and updates for suppliers

  • Documents are accessible in quotes: Now you can find item documents (dielines, proofs, and more) on the quote page in addition to the opportunities page for each item.
  • Packing document consolidation: Now, when you’re fulfilling an order, you only have to upload one document. We’ve consolidated BOL and Packing List into one field.
  • Accepting orders: For clarity, we’ve renamed the “Acknowledge" button on orders. Now to accept an order, click “Accept.”

Multi-item quoting

It's now possible to request quotes for multiple items at the same time!

When you create a quote request, you can now add as many items as you want. A multi-item request is useful for quoting items that will be produced together, for products that come in multiple sizes, flavors, colors, etc. You can also use multi-item quotes for packaging that contains multiple sub-components like inner boxes and inserts.

Suppliers will see a multi-item quote request if all the items included match their capabilities. As you add items you'll see how many suppliers can offer all of the items in one quote.

Additionally, we've made it easier to compare quotes between different items and suppliers at a glance from the quote request page.

Fixes and improvements for brands

  • Ability to request quotes for multiple items
  • New way to compare multiple quotes in a request
  • Select Styles when creating corrugated item specifications
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect message count on orders

Fixes and improvements for suppliers

  • Proofs can be downloaded from the order page
  • All quote requests show a "Final destination" address
  • Quote requests can have multiple items
  • Fixed "Share quote link" action
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect message count on orders

Quote digests and polish

Today, we’re making it simpler to keep up with your quote requests. Until now, you needed to log in to get a snapshot of all your quotes, and you needed to set up reminders about accepted quotes expiring on your own. Now Lumi sends you a weekly digest of your open quote requests and even sends you a reminder seven days before an accepted quote expires.

On top of these digests, we’ve also spent the last few weeks polishing the quote request flows across Lumi. As a result, you should see faster loading times, on-page design improvements, and supplier logos.

Fixes and improvements for brands

  • Ability to cancel quote requests
  • Added quote count, accepted quote count, and suppliers count to quote request list
  • Fixed bug where new messages did not appear after being sent
  • Tooltips added to butcher paper, tissue paper, and crinkle paper spec templates
  • New items have a default thumbnail image
  • Email notification when a supplier declines to quote on a request

Fixes and improvements for experts

With the release of multi-account access last month, we've also made improvements for managing multiple clients:

  • Workspace-specific URLs allow users to work in separate accounts in different tabs
  • Workspace-specific URLs to ensure users belonging to multiple accounts are properly directed
  • Updated workspace picker UI on login

Factory scorecards

Meet the new factory scorecards on Lumi! Three key features are now available when you receive quotes:

  • Factory Highlights gives you personalized insights about the strengths of each factory
  • Best Match identifies the best fit for your needs
  • Performance Metrics provide insight into the factory's quality standards and on-time delivery

Our goal with these new features wast to give you more insight into each factory, so you can make informed decisions when you source packaging on Lumi. Read more on our blog.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Quotes can now be exported to CSV
  • Manufacturer feedback has been improved
  • Added Google Analytics support for Lumi ID so you can track visits to your QR code pages
  • Added billing contact settings so you can automatically forward invoices
  • Invalid payment methods no longer are available when making payments
  • Fixed a bug where production update emails displayed the wrong estimated delivery date
  • Fixed a bug that allowed messages in a Project to be repeatedly sent while loading
  • Fixed a scrolling issue with the Quotes list on touch screen devices

Fixed "No such token" bug causing payment methods to occasionally become unlinked from accounts.

A few improvements and fixes to Items in your Dashboard:

  • Proofs are now more prominently linked on Items.
  • Detailed specifications are displayed on Items if available.
  • Fixed the fallback behavior if an Item requires pricing.