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The new version of Lumi for Suppliers brings a host of big improvements to help you tailor opportunity notifications, customize your profile page to receive more customers, and track the status of payments. Let's jump right in.

Opportunity notification filters

You can now tailor Marketplace opportunity notifications with two new options in your Notifications settings:

  • Distance filter to limit notifications by distance from your locations
  • MOQ filter to limit notifications by minimum order quantity

Profile Manager

The new Profile Manager allows you to edit the profile pages for your locations. Completing your profile page helps customers find you, and build trust in your capabilities. You can now easily add:

    • Photos of your facilities and examples of products you've made
    • Capabilities including products, materials and manufacturing processes
    • Certifications and memberships to associations
    • Company and sustainability information

    Billing improvements

    The new Billing view brings all your invoices and customer payments into one convenient location. Now you can:

    • View and search invoices
    • Filter invoices by status
    • Download invoice PDFs
    • View payments for each invoice, with links to Stripe
    • Access the new Invoices tab on order pages

    In addition, we've made it easier to reconcile your payouts by adding metadata to payments in Stripe. Each payment will now include all the reference information you need to match payouts to unique IDs for POs, invoices, and customers.

      Small fixes

      • Fixed a bug that prevented upload of documents when filenames contained forbidden characters

      Start creating packaging for free

      We're making it easier to start using Lumi! You can now create an account on Lumi for free to set up your packaging specs and suppliers.

      This makes it easier for you and your team to work through the initial design phase. Once you're ready to request quotes, you can upgrade to a paid plan. Purchase orders and analytics also require a subscription.

      For packaging agencies, this means you can now deliver designs, specifications, dielines and supplier recommendations to your clients on Lumi at no cost.

      Multi-account switching

      Lumi now supports easily switching between company accounts. For Experts, this means you can now easily help multiple clients that use Lumi.

      If your company has several independent teams (e.g. Operations and Marketing), or subsidiaries each using a separate Lumi account, you can now easily switch between them.

        Fixes and improvements for brands

        • Fixed a bug preventing reorders of quotes
        • Fixed mismatch in quote count between dashboard and item page
        • Fixed bug causing closed orders to appear on the dashboard

        Fixes and improvements for suppliers

        • Added the ability to link a Payoneer account in the case where Stripe Connect is not supported in your region
        • Linked quote details on the order page
        • Fixed a bug preventing the acceptance of reorders
        • Various email bug fixes and improvements

        This release includes big improvements to the quoting workflow for brands and suppliers on the new Lumi Platform. We've also added new capabilities for managing and tracking orders.

        Improvements for brands

        • Added instant suggestions that help you improve the response rate on quote requests
        • Added a summary of specs to items on quote requests
        • Added a separate area for uploading production-ready documents to items
        • Simplified the interface for tracking order updates, focused on estimated completion and delivery dates
        • You can now view and download shipment documents including packing lists, BOLs, and proofs of delivery
        • Added estimated and actual delivery date tracking to shipments
        • Improved error warnings in various parts of the application
        Quote request enhancements

        Improvements for suppliers

        • Added quote request filters for annual volume, request date, and expiration date
        • You can now submit quotes for expired requests if you began a draft before the request expired
        • You can now log estimated completion dates and estimated delivery dates on orders
        • New shipment creation workflow, including uploading packing lists, BOLs, proof of delivery, and adding estimated delivery dates
        • Billing for actual shipping costs when a shipment is closed
        Marketplace enhancements

        Lumi Experts: find packaging designers easily

        We’re excited to introduce you to our first Lumi Experts. Lumi Experts is a partnership program for packaging experts (agencies and individuals) that also know their way around the Lumi Platform. Brands can work with experts in-platform for a more streamlined packaging supply chain from end-to-end.

        Some of our launch partners include agencies such as Ferroconcrete, Doris Dev, Fuzzco, Atlason, Guacamole Airplane, The Office of Ordinary Things and Ludlow Kingsley who are behind some of the most innovative and sustainable packaging in the world.

        lumi experts directory

        Lumi members can work with Lumi Experts on any of the following types of projects:

        • Packaging engineering
        • Sustainability consulting
        • Branding and graphic design
        • Industrial design
        • Supply chain and logistics

        To start working with a Lumi Expert:

        1. Browse the Experts directory, filtering by capabilities and/or sustainability strengths.
        2. Pick an Expert based on their work
        3. Contact them through their Lumi Expert page

        Big day! We're so excited to share with you one of our biggest releases to date. 

        Lumi Supplier Search

        With Lumi Search finding the right suppliers and products is now easier than ever, and we've made it free for anyone to use!

        • Search thousands of suppliers in the United States, Mexico and Canada, with more countries coming soon
        • Filter suppliers by location, capabilities and certifications
        • Supplier profiles offer a detailed look at each factory's capabilities and related locations
        • Explore lists of suppliers curated by the Lumi team
        • Filter products by materials, sustainability properties and minimum order quantities
        • Dark mode! For all the night owls out there 🦉

        If you're a paying member, you can also access these extra features:

        • Supplier scorecards with performance data from other Lumi members
        • Save suppliers to your supplier list
        • Kick off a multi-supplier quote request

        Lumi Marketplace Beta

        We're opening up the new version of Lumi to beta users — sign up here. If you are an existing customer and would like to join the beta, contact us. We'll be making these new features available to all users over the next few months.

        • Quote requests now allow you to either directly quote with one or more of your saved suppliers, or send your request to any relevant suppliers to quote — or both!
        • Message with suppliers on quotes and orders
        • Items have been revamped, with a new item and spec creation workflow
        • Supplier list helps you track your saved suppliers, and all your activity with them
        • New Dashboard home helps you see active orders and quotes at a glance

          Operating Manual

          To help you learn how to use these new features we've created the Operating Manual, searchable guides on how to use the Lumi Platform to source sustainable packaging and manage your supply chain. We'll be adding to it frequently, so let us know if you see anything missing!

          Get certified for Amazon Frustration-Free

          Lumi is now part of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). Lumi Membership gives you access to Experts that can help you engineer packaging that meets Amazon's packaging standards.

          Amazon launched their Frustration-Free Packaging Program (FFP) in 2008 to cut down on packaging waste and shipping cost. In 2019, they started enforcing these guidelines with third-party sellers. Now, packages larger than 18" x 14" x 8" or heavier than 20 lbs are required to meet Amazon's FFP guidelines, otherwise companies are fined $1.99 per shipment.

          To get your packaging Amazon Certified, Lumi can help you access ISTA 6-certified labs to test and certify your packaging under any of Amazon's three packaging tiers:

          • Prep-Free Packaging (PFP): Certifies a packaged item can ship safely in an Amazon overbox, either alone or with other products.
          • Ships in Own Container (SIOC): Certifies that a product arrives to Amazon ready to be shipped safely without an Amazon box.
          • Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP): Certifies a product Ships In Own Container (SIOC), with packaging that’s easy-to-open and recyclable.

          Lumi members can request Amazon certification through Expert Services.

          New sustainability properties for reuse and reduction

          On Earth Day 2019, we launched the Lumi Sustainability Framework. Each property in the framework defines attributes for your packaging with supporting data and research. Companies use the framework to prioritize their sustainability efforts and help their teams make sustainable choices more rapidly. You can read more about these new properties on the blog.

          This year, we added seven new properties, giving you a total of 20 ways to measurably reduce the environmental impact of your packaging. Here's what's new:

          • Design properties: This is a new section to the Sustainability Framework. You can use these properties — Component Reduction, Material Reduction, and Print Reduction — to eliminate impacts that flow through the entire lifecycle of your packaging.
          • New Material properties: Reusable, Returnable, and Refillable provide alternatives to single-use packaging.
          • Renewable Energy: an important aspect of helping you source from sustainable factories through the Lumi Marketplace.

          See how companies are using these new properties on the blog.

          New recovery properties
          Ru Reusable
          Rt Returnable
          Rf Refillable

          Lumi ID: a new feature for sustainability transparency

          Meet Lumi ID, the fastest and most accurate way to help people understand how your packaging is made, and how to dispose of it responsibly. Read more about this exciting new feature on our blog.

          With Lumi ID you can now:

          • Allow your customers to access local end-of-life instructions for your packaging via QR codes
          • Generate and export vector-based QR codes for any item
          • Manage your public Lumi ID profile with your logo, description, website, and control over which details of your packaging you want to share
          • Set up alternate URLs for your QR code
          • Connect Lumi ID to your WMS or ERP for inventory control

          Compare quotes with new marketplace features

          The latest update to Lumi includes a set of features we're particularly excited about: an all-new way to manage your quoting process and choose the best option for every packaging component you need.

          With this release, we’re giving your team the tools to better understand costs, compare across manufacturers, and respond directly in the Lumi interface. You can read more about this release on our blog.

          • Compare quotes across manufacturers
          • See all the quotes you received across products in a single view
          • Filter and sort by quote, product group, lead time and status
          • See the detailed cost break down for every quote
          • View landed unit prices, savings, and first-order versus reorder costs
          • Respond to quotes through the platform and give feedback to manufacturers

          We've created some resources so you can learn more about how costs are broken up, how to use filters, and accepting and rejecting quotes.

          Multi-split orders

          Lumi has a brand new way of ordering! The new process is designed to provide more flexibility around item and shipping details as well as increase visibility into costs and lead times. Read more on our blog.

          What's new:

          • Save orders as drafts and collaborate on them with your team
          • Clone orders
          • Split shipments by date and location
          • Better lead time projections
          • Tooling is automatically added to orders
          • Detailed payment schedule

          To help your team get up to speed on the new workflow, we've also published an in-depth guide on how to create orders.