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New email notification preferences

This week's release includes new email notification preferences to keep you updated during the production and shipping of your items, and new settings that allow you to control the notifications you receive from Lumi.

You can now receive a weekly production digest with information about all your active orders and shipments. In addition, new email notification settings are available that alert you automatically when any of the following changes occur:

  • The estimated delivery date of an order changes
  • Production on an item is completed
  • A shipment is delivered and its bill of lading (BOL) or proof of delivery (POD) is available

The new settings allow you to toggle on and off the email notifications for activities happening across your company’s account, such as proofing, ordering, and invoicing. To subscribe to the weekly digest and production emails, head to your Settings page.

Invoice PDFs are now attached to invoice notification emails so you can save it without having to log into your account.