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Ep. 100 Ask Lumi: Looking Back on 100 Episodes with Jesse Genet and Katelan Cunningham

November 20, 2019 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

Wow. We made it. Here we are at the hundredth episode of Well Made! To ring in the triple digits, we asked for your questions. In this episode, Stephan and Lumi co-founder Jesse Genet are answering them with producer, Katelan Cunningham, as moderator. 

“Ninety percent of the innovation that we're going to see over the next 10 years is going to come from backing into how we send products to someone in the mail in the most efficient way possible.”

Here are the questions answered on the show:

(3:00) Jareau Wadé asks, How has doing the show while also operating the business gone for you? Challenges? Is worth it?

(8:42) Emily Singer asks, Which guest surprised you and/or impressed you most and why? And Leanne Abad asks, What’s been the most pleasantly unexpected benefit to come from running Well Made?

(14:10) Casey Armstrong asks, If you could only re-interview one guest, who would it be and why?

(16:35) Emily Singer asks, How do you think the direct-to-consumer landscape has changed since you started Well Made?

(23:28) Charlie Carlisle asks, Social media advertising has gotten both more expensive and more competitive in the past two years. What digital or offline channels do you think will be particularly impactful on sales in the next two years?

(31:15) Eric Chu asks, Given the rise of DTC brands, what's one thing that most get wrong with packaging when they're first starting out?

(39:44) Steve Havill asks, What do you suggest for a small companies looking for shipping and packaging solutions? 

(45:05) Heliotropical asks, How can packaging support a cradle-to-cradle manufacturing cycle that eliminates packaging waste going into a landfill, groundwater, the ocean, etc. In other words, shouldn't Amazon et al retrieve packaging/shipping cartons like soft drink makers once retrieved deposit bottles?

(50:46) Ken Tomita asks, What are the pros and cons of making packaging overseas or domestic? How do companies save money on shipping through more intelligent packaging design? What is a ballpark acceptable average for packages lost or damaged in transit? 

(1:07:01) Charlie Carlisle asks, How are more mature startups in ecommerce dealing with fulfillment choices and relationships? (i.e. in-housing, multi-site 3PL, centralized single 3PL, etc.)

(1:12:29) Baptiste Wiel asks, Any international expansions in the pipe?

(1:13:36) Oscar Diaz asks, What do you guys think has been your biggest mistake so far, and what did you do to turn things around and course correct the trajectory?

(1:19:57) Nick Hallam asks, Would love to hear you talk about hiring and growing the business. How did you go about hiring for roles you didn’t know you needed?

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