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Ep. 104 Prioritizing the Long Term with Stuart Landesberg

January 1, 2020 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

It's not easy to get consumers to switch from the household brands they grew up using to more sustainable options, but Grove Collaborative has curated a collection to simplify the switch. 

To make Grove Collaborative a 100-year company, CEO and Co-founder, Stuart Landesberg, only looks far enough ahead to see the next milestone. He doesn't let perfection get in the way of progress. On this episode, Stuart talks to Stephan about how Grove made incremental progress to get where they are and how they plan to get where they're going.

“Folks need to know that their immediate needs are taken care of to be able to think long term. ”

 Prioritizing the Long Term
 Prioritizing the Long Term

In this episode, Stuart talks about why he always wanted to run Seventh Generation and how he looked up to Jeffrey Hollender (1:47). He shares how his past experience as an investor guided decisions that he makes for Grove (7:13). Stuart talks about the responsibility of being a B Corp (12:28) and Grove's priorities when choosing what companies to work with (15:28). He shares advice for companies having a hard time prioritizing sustainability (25:10) and outlines how to work with your team to make strategic decisions — even when you know that those decisions aren't 100% perfect. 

Stuart talks about backlash they received over their bamboo paper products and why he still feels like it was the right move (29:47). He shares what it means to him to be a 100-year company (35.18) and how capitalism can be a force for good (44:05).

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