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Ep. 108 Culling Through the Clutter with Emily Schildt

February 5, 2020 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

The grocery store model hasn’t adapted with how people shop. Traditional big box stores stock up on everything under the sun and rely on small margins based for big cart sizes. With traditional grocery stores struggling and US consumers being slow to adopt online grocery, Emily Schildt saw an opportunity to prioritize discovery over convenience as a way to help people find brands they actually love.

Pop-up Grocer is a highly curated 30-day activation featuring grocery brands that get an A+ for innovation, nutrition, and design. Emily has thoughtfully positioned Pop-Up Grocer to be an exciting space that leaves people wanting more. Just ahead of their Venice launch on February 7, she is sharing the careful balance between curation and discovery, the importance of location, and the paths envisions for Pop-Up Grocer in the future.

“I really believe in a strong sense of urgency being necessary for anyone to want to do anything in our generation.”

 Culling Through the Clutter
 Culling Through the Clutter

We start with the pop-up model and Emily explains why it's pivotal that the store only stick around for 30 days (5:00) She shares more about how the pay-to-play model works for brands that want to be featured (8:43) and the challenge of distilling a brand's message into a must-have selling point (12:35). Emily explains what's wrong with the current grocery store model and what it means to be a sexy store instead (17:40).

Curation is a huge part of the Pop-up business model. Emily dives into the importance of health and aesthetics for younger shoppers and the future she sees for community events (25:33). She envisions two paths that Pop-up could go down and lets us in on which way she's leaning. She does a deep dive into the criteria behind the brands that get selected for Pop-up shelves (37:50) and talks us through trends she noticed from her time running her brand consultancy, Sourdough.

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