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Ep. 116 Rethinking Your Framework with Vanessa Barboni Hallik

April 23, 2020 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

Another Tomorrow launched in January, and already they've built an impressive criteria of sustainability standards to keep their supply chain ethical for humans, animals, and the planet. Those are the three pillars of their business. 

Vanessa Barboni Hallik didn't start in fashion. She started in finance, but as she was diving into the world of sustainability, she uncovered huge disparities in the ethics of apparel supply chains. The gap felt unsurmountable, but Another Tomorrow is taking on the challenge, backed by science, data, and an incredible eye for fashion design.

Vanessa is taking us through the carefully considered, incremental decisions it took to build an ethical supply chain for Another Tomorrow.

“A lot of the sourcing and supply chain decisions are made at such arm's length from what the actual impact is, that it's an afterthought at best.”

 Rethinking Your Framework
 Rethinking Your Framework
 Rethinking Your Framework
 Rethinking Your Framework
 Rethinking Your Framework
 Rethinking Your Framework

In this episode, Vanessa starts off by explaining how necessary education and action are for the Another Tomorrow mission (0:43). She traces through her background in emerging markets and explains how she decided to started a sustainable fashion company with Jane Chung, Natalie F. Grillon, and Tabea Soriano (1:36)

She explains the hole she saw in the industry and how Another Tomorrow is building toward a circular economy solution (4:37). Changing the momentum of fast fashion is a big job, but Another Tomorrow has a plan to make progress (13:45). two huge components of staying circular in apparel are repairs and resale (15:17).

Vanessa takes us on a deep dive through an in-depth sourcing process to find partners that met all of their strict criteria for humans, animal, and environmental welfare (22:58). Customers can access that deep dive on each piece of Another Tomorrow clothing which is equipped with a QR code for easy access to the full supply chain story. She talks through the struggle of trying to share enough information for conscious consumerism, without overwhelming folks (36:37).

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