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Jenna Lyons: Testing the edges – Well Made E142

March 18, 2021 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

After 27 years as the iconic mind behind J.Crew creative, Jenna Lyons is a few months into the launch of a brand new startup – Loveseen. Of course, her decades of creative and marketing success are invaluable to her new pursuit, but she admits that she still has a lot she has to learn.

“The fact matter is, I'm still the person that just wanted to make beautiful things and that hasn't changed.”

 Jenna Lyons: Testing the edges – Well Made E142
Loveseen's AR Instagram filter. Jenna Lyons: Testing the edges – Well Made E142

Loveseen's AR Instagram filter.

Show notes

0:41 Amidst a slew of new projects — running Loveseen, designing a hotel in the Bahamas, hosting Stylish on HBO Max — Jenna finds herself using familiar skills in unfamiliar territory. The biggest shift from her J. Crew tenure to starting fresh with Loveseen is going from working with a large team of specialists to a small team of generalists. 

11:57 At Loveseen, Jenna is all in, working on photoshoots, writing copy, creative direction — all the hands-on creative projects she was missing in her previous role. She shares why false eyelashes are a passion and why now was the right time to launch, despite shifting launch plans due to the pandemic.

26:25 Speaking of trying on eyelashes with an Instagram filter, Jenna talks about the expanding role tech as an extension of fashion. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

29:06 On Stylish, Jenna discovered a humbling appreciation for the clarity and intention that goes into being on camera. Despite the thick-rimmed, slicked-back iconic look she dawned as the Creative Director at J.Crew, she never thought much about creating personal brand, until the associates on Stylish brought it to her attention. "When I was coming up in the world, people weren't brands. A brand was a brand. It was a company, It was something with a label and a door and a logo."

36:31 From the legacy of J.Crew's heritage brand to the physical constraints of building in the Bahamas post-earthquake, Jenna acknowledges the opportunity that can be found in constraint. But she's also loving the freedom of defining her own limits with Loveseen.

44:32 Did you know Jenna is on the board of Shake Shack?

51:45 Jenna and Stephan discuss what they miss, and don't miss about in-office work. Are we willing to lose spontaneous whiteboarding sessions for the freedom of a midday jog? And how can we shift workflows to be more asynchronous? 

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Header image via HBO Max. Thumbnail image via The New Yorker. All other images via Loveseen.

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